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Jesse Ventura on Say Anything with Joy Behar

  • Joy Behar: If someone had a gun to your head and said you had to vote for either Obama or Romney, who would you vote for?
  • Jesse Ventura: I'd take the bullet.
  • Joy Behar: *laugh* No, you would not.
  • Jesse Ventura: Yes I would. I wouldn't vote know, these gangs have sold out our country, these two. They are totally bought and sold with the help of the Supreme Court. When the Supreme Court said corporations have the same rights as people, and that money is free speech, goodbye the United States of America as we know it.
  • Joy Behar: That's true. I agree with that.
  • Jesse Ventura: Because now they are getting boatloads of corporate money. They don't even have to say who they get it from. They could actually be bought off by China. China could come here and contribute millions of dollars to a political campaign now, and they don't even have to reveal it.
  • Joy Behar: Is there any way to stop that?
  • Jesse Ventura: Yeah.
  • Joy Behar: How? You'd have to impeach the Supreme Court.
  • Jesse Ventura: No, the way to stop it is simple. It's as easy and simple as the nose on your face, but it's as difficult as climbing Mount Everest: stop voting for them!
  • Joy Behar: Well, but this isn't--
  • Jesse Ventura: Stop voting for them.
  • Joy Behar: Well, that's not going to happen, so let's get real.
  • Jesse Ventura: Well, it did happen. It happened in Minnesota. I won.

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