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Fair or Not?: The Snow White Complex

Directed by: M. Hasna M.

“Fair or Not?: The Snow White Complex” is a documentary about Eurocentric standards of female beauty that are held across most (post-Colonial) cultures. 

Some of the topics covered: Skin color preferences in relation to class/culture, the media’s role in exacerbating internalized racism, skin bleaching products, exoticism of dark-skinned women, and the phenomenon of tanning amongst White women.


SoLDN: This is about the real life implant of colourism.

I can’t remember if we’ve reblogged this before but even so, WATCH IT! 

Really great, I especially like the part when they talked about how the word “exotic” is problematic when talking about PoC in this instance specifically WoC.

Exoticism comes from being considered the other, being considered the other makes it hard for people to see a persons character or even physical beauty as their own. It will always belong to their “exoticness” not them which belittles the individual.

So yea.


So, I knew about the skin lightening stuff, and I’ve actually wondered before whether the language of “the Light” that Friends/Quakers use to refer to “that of God in everyone” could be off-putting, but I never caught the Snow White thing. 5-year-old-me only knew the meaning of “fair” as in when you yell at your little brother “THAT’S NOT FAIR!!!” after he takes all the cookies, and since that was the age where I saw the Disney movie…

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